I’m Postponing Dental Treatment Because It’s Not Bothering Me

wisdom teeth Sandy UtahHow urgent can a dental condition be if it’s not hurting? If the dental condition is a wisdom tooth, it may be more urgent than you think. Making the proactive decision to have your wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon can protect you against future discomfort or health complications. Often, by the time you begin to notice pain or swelling, irreversible damage to the neighboring teeth or to your immune system may have occurred.

There are a number of excellent reasons to schedule your wisdom teeth extraction before you begin to feel pain:

  • Prevent the spread of infection. When a tooth is unable to be cleaned properly with brushing or flossing, the risk for cavities and gum disease increases dramatically. In some instances, food and bacteria can become trapped under the gum tissue leading to inflammation and infection. Even before you begin to notice pain or tenderness, your dentist can identify these problem areas with a clinical or x-ray examination. When left unaddressed, these types of infection can contribute to extensive bone loss, rampant decay, and even offensive breath.
  • Avoid an acute infection. A low-grade or mild infection near the wisdom teeth can progress without pain for months or even years. When the body is no longer able to fight the infection, severe pain and swelling can occur unexpectedly. Waiting until the infection has become acute can make the extraction and healing processes more complicated and uncomfortable. The onset of such an infection over the weekend or while you are out of town can be especially stressful and frightening.
  • Recover as soon as possible. Planning your wisdom teeth extraction while you are relatively young and healthy will give you the best shot at a simple and speedy recovery. As we age, tooth extraction can become more complicated, and underlying health conditions can prolong the healing period. Scheduling your procedure during a time when you feel healthy and relaxed can also improve the overall experience and lead to a more favorable outcome.

If you have been postponing your dental treatment until it bothers you, it’s time to reconsider. Trusting our oral surgeon to alert you to potential complications and heeding professional advice in regard to your wisdom teeth can protect you from unnecessary and unpleasant developments in the future. To schedule your oral surgery consultation, contact the office of Dr. Judd E. Partridge, serving Sandy Utah, at 801-943-8703, for your appointment today.