Can I have my wisdom teeth removed if I’m pregnant?

pregnant woman needing wisdom teeth removalWomen who are planning to get pregnant in the near future should schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon if they still have their wisdom teeth.

Most women can receive dental treatment during the second trimester. Wisdom teeth removal may be performed safely at that time, but we strongly encourage our patients to consult with their obstetricians to learn if any other considerations unique to their case contraindicate wisdom tooth extraction. You can also ask yourOBfor recommendations on anesthetics for the procedure.

However, extracting the wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure, and like all surgical procedures, it is associated with risks. Those risks may make some mothers-to-be uncomfortable with moving forward during pregnancy.

If you are planning to try to conceive and you will need to have your wisdom teeth removed in the next year anyway, you may want to go ahead and get that taken care of before you get pregnant.

Ideally, you should have your wisdom teeth removed well before you are trying to get pregnant, even if the wisdom teeth do not appear to be problematic. It’s easiest to remove the wisdom teeth during the late teens or early twenties, when the roots are shorter and less entrenched in the bone.

Leaving the third molars in place may increase the risk that a painful or dangerous problem will develop during pregnancy, possibly necessitating some sort of emergency procedure. Of course, some patients can keep their wisdom teeth without ever having issues, but they are fairly rare, and an oral surgeon can’t tell you for sure if you will or won’t develop problems.

So, in addition to scheduling a visit with your gynecologist and adding more vitamins to your regimen, you may want to put an appointment with an oral surgeon on your pre-conception to-do list if you still have your third molars. Get the full information on the benefits and risks of wisdom teeth removal so that you can make the best decision for a healthy pregnancy.

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